Android Recycle Bin PRO – APK App

Android Recycle Bin PRO APK App is a nice application to mange your erased data in your smartphone and tablet.

App Features:

  • Works on Android 2.3.x or higher.
  • Protection of AUDIO/VIDEO/IMAGE files and other (all common known types).
  • No internet connection required..
  • INTERNAL/EXTERNAL SDCARD/ USB storage protection.
  • SECURE ERASE method to delete forever private files.
  • UNINSTALLED APPLICATIONS PROTECTION to install them without Internet connection later.
  • LOW battery consumption.
  • You DONT need to be SUPERUSER(\root\) in your device.
  • Allows immediate restoration of deleted files on its original path.
  • Stores the deleted data on your device.
  • Intuitive / easy / friendly graphical interface designed to offer the best user experience.
  • Allows file search, filtering by name, deletion date, detection of multiple devices,…
  • Sorts documents by name, size and type.
  • Contains widget that allows quick emptying the Recycle bin with one click.
  • Deletes and restores single and multiple items selections.

Last Update: April 04, 2013

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