App 2 SD Pro (move apps to SD) v2.7 – APK App

App 2 SD allow users to flash internal smartphone storage. if you are running out of apps storage, App 2 SD is a good solution for your.

App 2 SD Features:

  •  new App manager, batch uninstall, clear cache, view on Play and share apps
  • View all SD card capable apps and move them seamlessly
  • notify if movable apps installed
  • 1-tap to clear all app cache
  • export the app list to SD card
  • install apps from the exported app list
  • home screen widget shows cache and available size
  • show app cache/data/code/total size
  • keep track of total and available storage space
  • sort through apps stored on phone and SD card
  • add movable apps to the ignore list
  • move apps back to the internal storage
  • view app on Market
  • quick uninstall apps by drag-n-drop
  • open app
  • show app details page
  • support “Move2SD Enabler”
  • customizable notification sound, vibrate and light

app_2_sd_03 app_2_sd_02

Last Update: Dec 22, 2012

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