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Astro Player support well audiobooks and podcast support. Astro Player advanced bookmarks, folder based auto-pluralist, fast playback, equaliser, skins, scrabbling, fetching, album art, auto resume, lyric, radio, podcasts and much more things. accept an additional android prompt in case you decide to sync with Google Reader)
App Features :

  • Supported formats
  • Audio: mp3, ogg, flac, m4b(partial support), mp4, 3gp, m4a, mid, wma(not on all devices), xmf, mxmf, rtttl, rtx, ota, wav, m4a, amr
  • Video: mp4, 3gp
  • Advanced bookmarks
  • Unlimited number of custom bookmarks
  • Folder auto-bookmarks
  • All tracks auto-bookmarks (restores position on per-file basis)
  • Bookmarking functionality is available also for video
  • Each bookmark restores not only playback position but the corresponding playlist as well
  • Unique features
  • Adjustable playback speed: fast/slow 2x – .05x and 2x speed with the same pitch
  • Non-Unicode encoding support (displays Artist, Album in your own language for Non-Unicode encodings)
  • Auto-resuming and undo/redo
  • Unlimited number of undo/redo playback positions
  • Auto-resume
  • Stores playback positions each ten seconds in order to recover properly after exceptional situations
  • Playlists
  • Convenient file browser with ability to play folders including any number of subfolders
  • Playlist auto generation based on a selected folder
  • Playlist library
  • Search in playlists and music browser
  • Sorting tracks by rating and play count
  • M3U playlists support
  • Android system playlists support
  • Misc
  • Equalizer
  • Equalizer presets
  • Internet radio
  • Custom skins
  • Multi-language
  • Lock screen with gestures and album art
  • Playlist shortcuts
  • Album/artist/genre browser
  • Scrobbling
  • Nice user interface with large buttons
  • Sleep timer
  • Delete file/folder option in the browser
  • Fetches missing album art from the net and SDCARD
  • Full screen album art
  • Full screen lyrics/auto lyrics
  • “Now playing” notification window
  • Resume/pause playback when the headset is plugged/unplugged
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Quit application option (saves system resources)
  • Podcast subscriptions
  • Hotkeys, actions, menu, and buttons organizers

astro player 02 - Astro Player - APK App

astro player 03 - Astro Player - APK App

Last Update: Feb 07, 2013

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