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Micro Miners – APK Game

micro 01 - Micro Miners - APK Game

Use your finger as a pickaxe, dig tunnels and guide the Micro Miners to the Gold, Silver and Coal deposits. Where’s my lemmings? Microminers is an arcade-puzzler which revolves around the control of a vast horde of tiny miners. The screen is constantly scrolling downward, and it’s your job to …

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Rock Runners – Full APK

rock runners 01 - Rock Runners - Full APK

Take control of an energetic, running, jumping, swinging runner in this hugely entertaining action platform game. Leap across puddles of radioactive goo, swing over gaps using your light-beam grapple, and zip through portals on your way to completing each stage. RUNNING ROCKS Sprint through over 140 levels, each one with …

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Blocky Roads – APK Game

The tornado ripped your farm apart and scattered it around the Globe. Collect the missing parts to restore the farm to its former glory! Choose one of the 9 cars or build your own block by block! 12 tracks to conquer 4 challenge tracks to test your skills 9 awesome …

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soul 01 - SOULCALIBUR - APK Game

To celebrate our Google Play release, the app will be available at a special price for the first 2 weeks of its release. Presently, for a short period, connection to the Google Play Game Service will be unavailable. SOULCALIBUR is the ultimate in 3D fighting games! Requires 200MB of free …

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Sunny Hillride (Ad-Free) – APK

sunny 01 - Sunny Hillride (Ad-Free) - APK

Race and jump across hilly, colorful landscapes of forests, deserts, snowy mountains and beautiful meadows. Make sure that you don’t run out of gas and don’t lose your luggage performing daredevil stunts – the roof of your RV is piled precariously high. Suitcases, bags, the birdcage and your fellow travelers …

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