Call & Message blocker v4.0 – APK App

Call & Message Blocker is a handy firewall to mange your phone calls, Messages at different time. Periodic rule and one shot time rule are supported.

—What can rule do?—

  • How to hangup call; Multi hangup mode are supported. You can forward the blocked calls to voicemail or a non-existing number. And you can set aFirewall to accept and hangup blocked calls to avoid forwarding to voicemail;
  • how to block group lists; You can set Call Blocking lists and Message Blocking lists separately;
  • how to response blocked calls and messages;

—aFirewall data—

  • Support to backup all aFirewall data to sdcard directory with xml format; and restore aFirewall settings from sdcard directory;
  • Based on BackupToEmail application, support to backup blocked log and protected log to Gmail;

—aFirewall security—

  • Password/Fake password supported;
  • Support to hide aFirewall application icon, you can open it with SimpleDialer or system dialer;

—More features—

  • Outgoing call blocking supported;
  • Prefix wildcard supported;
  • SMS keywords Block is supported;
  • Support to block SMS message from Email address; But aFirewall does not support to block Email;

call_message_bloacker_02 call_message_bloacker_03

Last Update: Dec 24, 2012

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