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ChinaTaxi HD v2.2 – Android APK Game

Most interesting and addictive game with Chinese shan-shui painting style. China taxi is now available for android platform.
China Taxi is inspired by an ancient Chinese painting “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” from Song Dynasty, by Zhang Ze Duan.

Game Features:

  • 30 exciting levels
  • 3 main scenes: Alpacas Grassland, Rock-Rolling Dawn, and the not-scary Zombie Night
  • Challenges from traps, exploding bombs, rocks, cute zombies and the dangerous animals like Alpacas, Qinchuan bulls and Tibetan mastiffs!
  • These Kung-Fu masters are able to perform charge, crouch, hop, jump and rolling jump. Choose their moves wisely.
  • Free items: Collect 100 gold coins to equip a rocket booster on your carriage.
  • Multiple layered Chinese Shan-Shui painting style backgrounds
  • Dynamistic fireflies, leaves and birds animation



Price: Free
Last Update: Dec 14, 2012

google_android_download Download App

google_playdetails?id=com.keyloftllc.chinataxi.jnb.intl - ChinaTaxi HD v2.2 - Android APK Game

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