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Corn Quest – APK Game

Corn Quest APK Game brings farm fresh approch to twoer defense, The cornfields are being attacked by a vast army of mutant bugs! You have been chosen to protect the cornfield, track down the source of the invasion, and lead your army to victory!
App Features:

  • Instantly rewarding, real-time take on the tower defense genre
  • Three modes of play – Campaign, Survival, and Sudden Death
  • 5 unique corn units – From steadfast grunt to sharpshooting sniper
  • 5 incredible power-ups – From the deceptive scarecrow to the unstoppable Shuck Norris
  • 5 beautiful environments – From the golden fields of corn to the cold, crystalline lair of the bug Queen

corn 02 - Corn Quest - APK Game

corn 03 - Corn Quest - APK Game

Last Update: April 05, 2013

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