GalaxSim Unlock v2.0 – APK App

GalaxSim Unlock APK App easy unlock sim for your samsung galaxy smartphones or tablets. GalaxSim Unlock is currently the only app that can unlock recent GS2 and GS3 firmware without relocking upon reboot (even with recent ICS or JB roms).

Major functions:

  • Sim Unlock your phone (in-app payment)
  • Backup and Restore EFS folder (free)
  • Give you detailed information about your current and previous nv/lock state.

App Features:

  • unsimlock/unbrand your phone
  • work on any rooted rom (samsung, aosp, aokp, cm9, cm10…)
  • support international GS3 GT-I9300
  • support other Galaxy family devices (S, S2, Tab, Note and their variants)
  • work if you previously unlocked your device with “voodoo unlock” or “galaxy s unlock”
  • work if you installed a previous ril (aka mike’s patch).
  • alert if you’re using other dangerous methods
  • alert if your imei has been lost due to any error in nv_data caused by a third party app.
  • give detailed information about current locks status (locked, unlocked or “partially locked”)
  • give information about previous (stock) simlock status
  • backup efs before any modification (should guarantee a safe use)
  • restore your efs backup on demand
  • compute md5 files properly (no log hack)
  • support more Galaxy devices soon

Last Update: April 21, 2013

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