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Grumpy Bears – APK Game

Grumpy Bears APK App is teddy bears game for your Smartphone or Tablet. Now you must defend your barrels of honey at all cost. Luckily you have a wide variety of weapons and defense systems to do just that. Being a honey delivery truck has never been so dangerous and SO FUN! Fight off the teddy bears and put up your best defenses to keep those grumpy teddies at bay.
Huge, family fun with tons of fur and explosions. Things you can throw at them grumpy teddy bears include:

  • Sticks o’ Dynamite
  • Skully McGee’s UberBombs
  • Bear Seeking Grenades
  • Dad’s Pile o’ Wrenches
  • Trusty Hay Bales
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Your Pet Rock (not recommended)

Grunmpy 02 - Grumpy Bears - APK Game

Grunmpy 03 - Grumpy Bears - APK Game

Last Update: April 19, 2013

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