AI (Artificial intelligence) is most popular trend, many smartphones manufactures companies are interested to make mobile devices more user friendly and intuitive. Google has integrated Assistant into Android Operating system, actually it provides virtual assistant to mobile phone users.

You can do a lot of activities using voice command of Gogole Assistants, such as look up TV schedules or set music alarms. If you are internet radio users, you can use voice commands to control Spotify music playback. Google AI can be used for taking Screenshot for you.

  • If you want to take screenshot by using Google AI, You must ensure Google Assistant is enabled, if can hold home button for moment, you must see setup menu, Follow given instruction on-screen to train Assistant to recognize your voice. Once you are setup, you can start to use Assistant.
  • Long press the home button or say “OK”
  • When Google Assistant appear, give simple command “Take screenshot”
  • You can also edit screenshot before sending it to your friend or family members, you can also share it via social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Plus.