JustDodge – APK App

JustDodge APK App is a unique application for android. In many game dev community around the world, Dodge games are usualy known as a ‘bad’ type of game. However, JustDodge takes this severely original concept to a whole new level. it’s game quality redefines dodge games.

  • From someone that is not too good, to someone that is too good, players with any skill level
  • can have a good challenge.
  • Each stage in stage mode is characteristic in it’s own way, and they will continue to be updated.
  • You can earn ‘pixels’ that are used as in-game currency. You can use these to upgrade yourself, and get stronger!
  • Rush Mode : fulfill a certain amount of combos to survive.
  • Spectacular effects and particles

Last Update: April 07, 2013

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