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Memedroid Pro v2.45 – APK App

Memedroid is a meme reader that let you create , rate, social and funny memes on Android Smartphones. Download Memedroid App And Enjoy it.

App  Features:

  • New memes everyday from many different Internet sources, including those created by Memedroid users.
  • Share memes on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp, and other social networks.
  • Rate and comment each meme, and use if you want memeticons in your comments!
  • General Gallery: read the latest memes, updated everyday.
  • Top Gallery: To provide you with the best rated rage comics and advice animals of the week, the month or ever.
  • Create your own memes within the application and share them with your friends or the whole Memedroid community by uploading them to Memedroid servers.
  • Hide those memes that you have already read.
  • Multilanguage support: memes in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Filter memes by categories: Rage comics (fuck yeah, poker face, trollface, challenge accepted, derp), Advice animals (success kid, philosoraptor, Y U No, socially awkward penguin…) and more.
  • Try to beat all our challenges: The more you unlock the more medals you win.
  • Check the rankings to discover which users have the highest scores on Memedroid and try to get over them.
  • Play as you are reading memes: Be fast and catch the rage faces that come up in your screen.
  • Favorites Gallery: To store your favorite memes and read them whenever you want.
  • Move to SD support (problem, phone storage?)

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Last Update: Jan 15, 2013

google_android_download Download App

google_playdetails?id=com.novagecko - Memedroid Pro v2.45 - APK App

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