PhotoViva V2.0 – Android Apk App

PhotoViva easily edit your photo into expressive & colourful work of art. its absolutely free android app on google play store.

Just Download And Enjoy It. 🙂

Featured Functionality:

  • Zoom and pan your canvas to do detailed work
  • Image cropping
  • 10 levels of undo and redo
  • Camera support for devices with cameras
  • Gallery of sample images provided
  • Terrific Tools
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) correction
  • RGB adjustment
  • Shadows, midtones, and brightness control
  • Saturation and Sharpening
  • Autopaint mode
  • Hue adjustment
  • Add noise function
  • Blend functions
  • Fill to white, black or cream
  • Fill frame, outline or center
  • Fill to current color
  • Liquify your image

Brilliant Brushes:

  • 20 brushes are provided
  • Set the angle or let the brushes track your touch
  • Brushes paint or copy
  • Brush size and color can be varied
  • Color Creativity
  • Edit colors or pick colors from the canvas
  • An image can be used as a source of color
  • Adjust brightness, blur, saturation and hue on the fly
  • Current canvas can be used as a source of image color
  • Noise can be added to the color to vary the paint strokes

Price: Free
Last Update: Dec 5, 2012

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