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Proximity Screen Off Pro – APK App

Proximity Screen Off Pro app help you to find out what gestures can do?application which will let you turn off/on your screen just with a swipe!! Swipe your hand over the proximity sensor (Located near the earpiece on top of the phone).

App Features:

  • Support for tablets with Light Sensor only (Make sure you set sensor sensitivity to low).
  • Pocket/Flip or Smart Cover Mode: Turns screen OFF when sensor covered and ON when uncovered. (Feature requested by Galaxy Note users)
  • Swipe to Screen Off: Turn OFF the screen by sliding your hand
  • Turn Screen On/Off with following gestures:
  1. Swipe Once,
  2. Swipe Twice,
  3. Swipe and Hold,
  4. Hold and Swipe and
  5. Cover and Hold
  • Ignore Apps list: Add the apps/games where you want to disable the service
  • Widget: to start and stop the service
  • ScreenOff shortcut: to turn off the screen by launching the app.
  • Sensor Configuration : Based on your device select the sensor of your choice, or the one that’s available and configure their values, as they are different for different devices.
  • Enable screen on/off during calls only
  • Disable call handling completely

Battery Saving options:

  1. Option to De-Activate sensors after timeout
  2. Option to De-Activate sensors if power button is pressed or phone goes idle
  • Override power button and screen-on by other apps (Phone is in pocket and you get a call or you accidentally press the power button, screen will remain off)
  • Prevent accidental screen on
  • Disable accidental lock – in Swipe to Screen Off mode if the sensor is covered for longer than specified duration screen wont turn off
  • Vibration on screen On/Off

Proximity 02 - Proximity Screen Off Pro - APK App

Proximity 03 - Proximity Screen Off Pro - APK App

Last Update: March 14, 2013

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