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Road Chase

If driving through city traffic makes you happy, if you are able to compete against running time and if you dont mind long distance under different weather conditions, you should try the adventure we give you! Motorways all over the world are waiting for you!HIGHLY REALISTIC

It is a realistic simulator of car driving under difficult weather conditions. Its not a typical race track where the one thing to worry about is speed. In our game you have to face the proper inter-city traffic which goes both directions. You have to consider it before taking any maneuver.


Cars are going different speed. They are overtaking each others drivers,  AIl makes the traffic realistically predictably. You should keep it in mind all the time when driving.


Your car is provided with a rearview mirror so you can see whats happening behind you.


Constantly changing weather will makes you trip way harder. Lucky you can use windscreen wipers which will make driving through rain and snow much easier.


Bear in mind fuel gauge and damage level of you car. Stop at car garages to take care of it. The stronger engine works, the more fuel it uses, keep it in mind by looking at tachometer to save your petrol.


Take into consideration speed limits so you can avoid the radars. In case you get caught and you realize, you are being chased by police, escape is always an option to save some time. Remember that police drivers usually are excellent skilled and you have to do your very best to make them lost you.


There are 3 countries (England, China, USA) on different continents to be chosen. Make sure you choose the ones which matches your skills.


Its up to you which way you going to go to get to the destinations. That makes it possible to avoid bad weather. Each map matches very accurately reality, the roads lead you to cities, which exist. The maps are vector made so you can freely rotate, zoom and pan them as well as show or hide cities names.


-Screen Resolution 176X208

Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N72, N90

zip - Road ChaseDownload

Game For Nokia S60v3 Mobiles:-

-Screen Resolution 176X208

Working On N91, 3250

zip - Road ChaseDownload

-Screen Resolution 240X320

Working On N73, N75, N76, N77, N81, N82, N93, N93i, N95, E50, E51, E65, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6290, 6500.

zip - Road ChaseDownload

3510i, 8910i

zip - Road ChaseDownload

7210, 3100, 2355, 2650, 6610i, 3120, 3205, 3108, 7200, 6810, 6820, 3105, 6560, 6225, 3200, 6108, 7250i, 6585, 6220, 3300, 6800, 6200, 6100, 7250, 5100, 6610, 3125

zip - Road ChaseDownload

2626, 2610, 6030, 6230, 5140i, 6021, 6822, 6235, 6235i, 6020, 7260, 3220, 5140

zip - Road ChaseDownload

7600, 6651, 6650

zip - Road ChaseDownload

6255, 5200, 6085, 6151, 6125, 6136, 6080, 6103, 6070, 2855, 6165, 6101, 6102, 7360, 6111, 6060, 6152, 3155i, 6155i, 3152, 3155, 6155, 7270, 6170

zip - Road ChaseDownload

N-Gage, N-Gage QD, 3600, 3620, 3660, 7650, 3650

zip - Road ChaseDownload

6630, 6600, 6682, 3250, 6680, 6260, 3230, 6681, 6670, 7610, 6620

zip - Road ChaseDownload

6230i, 8800, 8800 Sirocco Edition, 8801, 5500

zip - Road ChaseDownload

Game For Sony Ericsson

T610, T630, Z600

zip - Road ChaseDownload

K300, K300i, J300, J300i

zip - Road ChaseDownload

F500, F500i, K500, K500c, K500i, K508i, K510i, S500, Z500a, K310i, Z520, Z500i

zip - Road ChaseDownload

K750i, K750c, K750a, K750, K700i, K700c, K700a, K700, K618i, K618, K610im, K610i, K610c, K610, K608i, K608c, K608a, K608, K600i, K600c, K600a, K600, z800i, Z800c, Z800a, Z800, Z710i, Z710c, Z710, Z610i, Z558i, Z558c, Z550i, Z550c, Z550a, Z550, Z1010i, Z1010, W810i, W810c, W810, W800iv, W800i, W800c, W800a, W800, W710i, W710c, W710, W700i, W700c, W700, W600i, W600c, W600a, W600, W550i, W550c, W550a, W550, V800i, V800c, V800a, V800, V600i, V600c, V600a, V600, D750i, D750c, D750a, D750, K530i

zip - Road ChaseDownload

S700i, S700c, S700a, S700, W950i, W950c, W950a, W950, W900i, W900c, W900a, W900, W880i, W850i, W850, W830i, W830c, W830, P990i, P990c, P990, M600i, M600c, M600a, M600, K800i, K800c, K800a, K800, K790i, K790c, K790a, K790

zip - Road ChaseDownload

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