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Robo v1.9.1 – Android Apk Game

Drag and release muscular Dr. Doom to throw robost babies and milk cows at the space monsters and to rescue fragile old scientists.

1. “Robo Triathlon” Project

Dr. Doom has invented three robos, each with souls of different natures and unique attack abilities.
Rescue scientists to invent up to 12 types of combat gear and 21 types of equipment for your robos!

2. The Last 91 Days of Earth?!
The battle starts from October, each day representing one level. Be prepared to fight in 91 levels of different themes and landscapes!!

  • Sep – Man-made World / The Ultimate Night
  • Oct – Disillusion / Doomfire
  • Nov – Starry Night / Hope

3. The Strongest Bosses

18 superpower enemies including General Octopus with oily center-parted hair, fresh and sprightly Sushi Minions, heavy but dumb Prince Cucumber… As you progress you will encounter more powerful enemies!



Last Update: Jan 22, 2013

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