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Robo5 – APK Game

Robo5 is a 3D based puzzle game, it allow you to control robot claiming a fearsome mountain and boxes.it’s a simple premise, complicated not only by tricky level design, but also by the inclusion of the boxes you must climb, which aren’t always what they seem. Some will float, others will crumble under the robot’s feet. You must maneuver strategically past boxes and traps that will explode or electrocute Robo. This wasteland of junk is no picnic! Watch out! If Robo runs out of battery power before he reaches the top, it’s all over.

App Features;

  • Steampunk influenced visual style
  • Creative level design and great music!
  • Mind-bending puzzle gameplay
  • 5 Chapters with 40 levels
  • 8 hidden bonus levels (diaries)
  • Two different endings

Robo5 02 - Robo5 - APK Game

Robo5 03 - Robo5 - APK Game

Last Update: March 18, 2013

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