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Sleep Diary Pro v3.52 – APK App

Sleep Diary Pro included all-in-one sleep cycle alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns to help you. This App help you to improve your health & fitness and feel fit for the day.Use the statistics report and your own personal diary entries to understand your sleep cycle and get a better rhythm for a good nights sleep. Simple to use. Place on your bed and just press “Start”.
App Features:

  • Sleep Cycle monitors you movement during sleep using the phone accelerometer.
  • Sleep Calculator for best time to sleep / wake up
  • Sleep Calculator widget for your home screen
  • Widget for Sleep Calculator to add to your home screen
  • Advanced statistics and charts to help you visualize and understand your sleep cycle.
  • Record your entry sleep in the diary.
  • Smart Alarm that awakes you in the light sleep phase so that you feel fit and fresh.
  • Using our Soft Alarm the gradually increases in volume is more relaxing then most alarms.
  • Resume Tracking feature allows you stop and restart the tracking within 10 minutes.
  • Configurable Alarms including sound & music selection, snooze time and activities.
  • Auto backup option to keep your data safe along with export options (export data as CSV and charts) so you can further analyze your personal statistics.
  • Works great as an alarm & diary without tracking, if so required.
  • Optimized to minimize battery drain.
  • Italian, English & German Languages Supported.

sleeP diary 02 - Sleep Diary Pro v3.52 - APK App

sleeP diary 03 - Sleep Diary Pro v3.52 - APK App

Last Update: March 13, 2013

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