Smart Screen Off PRO v2.3 – APK App

Smart Screen OFF PRO use TIMER DELAY + LIGHT SENSOR: Timer delay will start every times the proximity sensor is covered, but it will turn off screen only when is reached the “minimum + sensitivity” of light condition you set in the settings.

App Key Features:

  • Start on Boot
  • Disable when in LandScape mode
  • Vibrate when screen is turned OFF
  • Vibrate when screen is turned ON
  • Hide Icon
  • Hide Notification Messages
  • Enable/Disable on shake
  • Don’t screen on after screen Off
  • Configurable light sensor combo
  • Configurable Timer Delay
  • Display clock when screen is turned ON
  • Available in several languages

smart_screen_off_02 smart_screen_off_03

Last Update: Dec 24, 2012

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