SRT AppGuard Pro – APK App

SRT AppGuard Pro APK App help you to protect your private data from friends. you can install and enjoy great features of this app.
Are you afraid that your privacy is being compromised? Are you annoyed of games requesting your location, of simple flashlight apps that pretend to need access to your contact data, or that any app can read your private photos? Then, SRT AppGuard Pro is the perfect fit for you if you wish to remove any superfluous permissions to protect your privacy.
SRT AppGuard Pro is the world’s first app that allows to monitor other applications and to change their permissions after installation without rooting the device!

Key features of SRT AppGuard Pro:

  • Dynamic permission management for apps
  • Works without rooted device or modified firmware
  • Works on all Android devices starting from version 2.3
  • Riskscore assessment shows how potentially dangerous apps are
  • Monitored apps still receive updates from Google Play
  • Comprehensive logs show what apps really do
  • Avoids code modification of monitored apps
  • New dashboard shows the security status of your device

Last Update: April 05, 2013

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