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Tegra Overclock – APK App

This app is easy to use and DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO BE A GEEK, even a noob can control everything GUARANTEED* !

  • *If he learn to get rooted first.
  • Gunner Clarke
  • Ioannis Predaris


  • Works like a charm even on any Tegra 3 stock Kernel and from v1.5.1 on any Firmware!**
  • Allows you to lock FPS(Frames per Second) which inturn saves battery for gamers and non gamers alike(minimum 40 recommended) and now from 1.5.6 you can switch to 30 FPS mode on fly!
  • Select number of cores!
  • The show stealer Low Power Core Control!!

tegra 02 - Tegra Overclock - APK App

tegra 03 - Tegra Overclock - APK App

Last Update: June 27, 2013

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google_playdetails?id=com - Tegra Overclock - APK App

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