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The Spookening – APK Game

The Spookening 3D scare game for Android Devices. You die every night and spawn as a ghost trying to resurrect.Scare villagers out of their wits and grab their soul power during the midnight hour in order to resurrect!

  • Clifftown is haunted. The innocent villagers never asked for any of this spookening to happen, but neither did you ask to die each and every night with the knowledge that the villagers “Soular Power“ could bring you back to life.
  • In The Spookening you enter as Hero Hermans ghost. Can you change Hermans fate, and give him a chance for another day among the living?
  • By learning the rules of the world beyond, you will gain the skill and the wit to take precious “soular power” from the living. By using this power and pouring it into your former meat shell you get a chance to live once more.
  • But things on the other side are seldom this easy. Other beings from beyond view you as a trespasser and will protect their turf. Vengeful spirits form when your scaring goes too far, and demons living in the shadows will be after you.

spookeing 02 - The Spookening - APK Game

spookeing 03 - The Spookening - APK Game

Last Update: March 31, 2012

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