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Waa Cha! v1.7 – Android APK Game

Waa Cha! is Kungfu Master train game for Android Smartphone users.Let play and active your inner instinct, Waa Cha! also features many items accessible to the player to help them stay alive, such as first aid kits and scrolls that increase your power. So do not kick them away! Wait, that’s not all! To make the game more interesting, you will realize that the items will be moving faster and faster over time so be prepared!

For new starters, players can try out the two basic game modes: Survival Mode (without time limit) and the Arcade Mode (with time limit of 2mins). As the players get better with the game, they can then challenge themselves with a more challenging mode which is the Insane Mode! Beware, as the Insane Mode is full of explosive items and most insane of all, the inverse touch control! Let’s say, an item is coming from the RIGHT side, players will have to swipe their singers to the left side of the screen!



Last Update: Dec 27, 2013

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