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Warp Tunnel – APK

Fly through the immersive, ambient universe of Warp Tunnel. Flow through the colourful kaleidoscopic tunnel collecting rings and increasing your score in a beautifully serene environment.
Players can use the standard tilt function or use gyroscopic gameplay and immerse their entire body in the visual vortex. Warp Tunnel reacts to every twist and turn for a fun and rewarding game experience like no other! Players will have to think fast and react quickly to survive this technicolor tunnel.
Warp Tunnel features the tranquil tracks of the indie hit, Dustforce, by Lifeformed. Lose yourself in the fast paced, visually stimulating world of Warp Tunnel!

wrap 02 - Warp Tunnel - APK
wrap 03 - Warp Tunnel - APK

Last Update: July 1, 2013

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