Waterfall Video (Live Wallpaper)

Inspiring scenes from nature that won’t drain your battery or slow your device. Alive stops when other apps are running or your device is idle, so it uses no more battery than a photo wallpaper. It automatically saves to the SD card to prevent memory problems. No ads, no pop-ups, just great video wallpapers!

  • 15 incredible water scenes
  • Raging Iguazu in Brazil
  • Majestic double rainbow at Skogafoss in Iceland
  • Famous Lower Yellowstone in the US
  • Many more

Connect to free and fast wifi > homescreen > long-press on empty area > live wallpapers > Alive Wallpaper. Black screen? Press ‘set wallpaper’


  • Alive runs smoothly on 97% of Android devices
  • If ‘Niagara Blue’ doesn’t load on start-up and you are stuck with a black or ‘loading live wallpaper’ screen, try pressing ‘set wallpaper’ or restarting the device.
  • Poor web connection can slow some menu screens.

PRICE: Freeware
UPDATED: August 8, 2012

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