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Zombie Minesweeper – APK Game

Zombie Minesweeper is a puzzle based adventure game. you can download it and enjoy on Android Smartphone. Our snarky heroine is caught up in a Zombie apocalypse and must escape her suburban neighbourhood and cross the countryside to safely meet her boyfriend. By using markings on the ground, you must help her flag explosive mines and outrun hordes of brain-hungry Zombie wildlife. Fortunately, you have an assortment of weapons and tools to deal with the pesky Zombies in this mind-blowing soon-to-be-classic!

  • Optimized for Phone & Tablets!
  • Over 30 Zombie EXPLODING levels!
  • Exciting environments such as a Zombie farm, a spooky forest, and the pet cemetery!
  • 14 hungry Zombie animals to destroy
  • Fight against birds that are angry!
  • Fun puzzles based on classic minesweeper!

zombie minesweeper 02 - Zombie Minesweeper - APK Game

zombie minesweeper 03 - Zombie Minesweeper - APK Game

Last Update: March 15, 2013

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