AliBaba and the Scary Dev

This cell phone game is the mobile response from “Qplaze” to all “Alladins” and various “Princes”. It’s a thrilling adventure story of the famous AliBaba on your mobile phone. Our main hero – Alibaba is not a naive and good at heart, as Alladin, it’s quite the contrary. He is guileful and artful Arabian thief. He is ready for all shocks and scrapes, he is agile and strong. When his sweetheart get kidnapped, he sets out in search of her immediately. Without thinking on any danger and obstacles, enemies and monsters, smashing all and every on his way.And the kidnapper is the scary Dev, who still does not know about the trouble he is already in. To get to the Dev’s castle, AliBaba will have to cross the town, get through deserted blocks, to get the magic carpet and to fly on it over the great desert. AliBaba will have to use all his knowledges and skills, which he has obtained being an Arabian thief.alibabaxt1

Game description:

– One of the top cell phone games

– 9 different levels in the town, deserted blocks, desert and Dev’s castle;

– various bonuses: jugs, flowers, rubies, baskets and wool balls.

– many various enemies: 6 different soldier types, mummies, merchants, guardians, vultures, resurgent statues and finally the boss itself – the scary Dev;

– several weapon types and a super kick;

– 270 animation frames

– 120 animated objects

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