Angry Cowboy v1.2 – APK Game

Angry Cowboy is scroll type action shooting game for android smartphones and tablets.  Angry cowboy is a interesting real angry cowboy story. Game supportable with English and Chinese languages. Just Download it free.

Angry Cowboy Features:-

  1. Abundant weapon system
  2. Classic street fighting game.Including fancy pistol, long range rifle, stunning shotgun, crossbow, and high technical weapon like flamethrower and laser gun.
  3. Be the angriest cowboy ever!
  4. Fancier, stronger, crazier, coolest ever!
  5. easy to play
  6. Just click the screen! everyone can do this!
  7. Unique game image
  8. Cute game image, lovely scenes, abundant maps, fancy visual effects. make a combination of a great visual party!
  9. Passionate game music
  10. Different music for different scene. cheering for every combat of the angry cowboy.
  11. Multiple mini-games
  12. Three different mini-game, great relaxation. Also a great way to make more gold, making you a stronger cowboy.
  13. Achievement system
  14. Unique achievement system, great honer comes great title. hard to get will makes you feel awesome!Intensest fighting from the angry cowboy!
  15. Complete free
  16. Complete free game, not a penny required. with more chance to get free gold in the game, you will feel more awesome then ever!

Price: Free
Last Update: Nov 15, 2012

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