The BBC here in the UK most likely has rather a special setup. Locals need to pay a TELEVISION licence to view the BBC channels and pay attention to the different radio stations that the corporation has. They’re different and numerous, with regional radio stations and a broad choice of TELEVISION channels consisting of news, home entertainment and kids programs. They’re mainly home-grown and there’s never ever any adverts obstructing.

Nevertheless, even if homeowners beyond the UK wished to pay the TELEVISION licence, there’s just no other way of doing it. So, for the big quantity of ex-pats and other BBC fans, the only method to view BBC programs is to either spend for the material by means of streaming services, view it on foreign ad-supported BBC channels (like BBC America etc), pinch programs from BitTorrent or purchase a VPN service and “phony” an IP address based here in the UK.

How to Get your favourite TV from home when youre abroadHow to Get your favourite TV from home when youre abroadIt’s a basic sufficient principle and one which has actually been working well for a variety of years. You being in your beautiful house in Cyprus, spend for a VPN to be setup, then link to your house WiFi and open BBC iPlayer. The BBC believes you’re in fact originating from an IP in Manchester (or whereever the VPN endpoint is) and instantly enables you in as a “UK audience”. Problem is, you’re not, and it appears like the BBC are now obstructing IP varies owned by the huge VPN companies. How effective and dangerous this action will be stays to be seen, since the BBC might inadvertently obstruct completely genuine UK VPN users, however it appears they’re targeting the popular VPN companies who in fact promote themselves as a method to obtain around the geo-IP-blocking that the BBC and other streaming companies use. How to Get your favourite TV from home when youre abroad

This all got me thinking, because on a recent trip abroad I noticed that a lot of bars and restaurants no longer had Sky Sports available. Gone were the “Liverpool vs Manchester Utd” matches or the all-important episodes of Eastenders that brought punters in, and instead bars were relying on foreign TV feeds instead. This, it turns out, is due to the operators of the Sky satellites (Astra) repositioning the “beam” or “footprint” so that it no longer covers southern Europe.