Social media network today provides us the tools to rapidly spy on family and friends. Case in point, Instagram merely perform a new function which allows your clients to see when you were last active in the app.

In order to see this information, one has to access to Direct Messages. Unless you have really been messaging backward and forward with someone, they will not have the ability to keep tabs on you and vice versa.

The function is permitted by default in Instagram, nevertheless thankfully, those who want to keep their Instagram activity a technique can do so by disabling the option.

Social media network has really been feeding our intrinsic desire for control for several years now. Functions like “Last seen” on Facebook appear innocent enough, nevertheless sadly, they can quickly be ended up being tools for sustaining unhealthy fascinations.

If you’re the more individual type, you more than likely do not worth Instagram most existing addition. This quick tutorial will expose you the finest methods to turn the function off, so you can continue to browse Instagram without appearing like someone is seeing you from the shadows.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your gizmo
  2. Tap on the Profile icon discover in the bottom perfect corner
  3. Tap on Settings (3 dots positioned in the leading right corner)
  4. Scroll down up till you see Program Activity Status
  5. It will be on by default, so you’ll have to toggle it off
  6. Close Instagram
  7. Relaunch the app. Your Direct Messages have to appear like this now:

A word of caution. Yes, your clients will not have the capability to see your online activity, nevertheless you will not have the capability to see theirs either. A quick check to your Direct Messages will expose the info is disappointed. That’s alright.