Galaxy S9 usually is not the smartphone that slow down months after you purchased it. But indeed, there’re possibility. Either because of buggy or old application or resource intensive software, even the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 can be slow down. Maybe it feels like it is bogged down. Dose not matter what the situation is, you just follow our tips and tricks below and you will have your Galaxy S9, running up to speed in no time.

Speed up Galaxy S9:

The 1st step you will need to take is to go into Settings menu of Galaxy S9. From there, scroll down until you will find out About Phone, and open this sub menu.

About Phone will show different information. For example, you will see here name of your smartphone, number, IMEI and model number etc.

Right below the overview, there is place called as Software information. you will required to tap into this.

If you have already opened this screen, you must look for section known as Build number. This will be array of different letters and numbers to let you know what build version currently you are running on your S9 smartphone.

You don’t have to do anything, but you need to tap on Build number 7 times. Once its completed, pop up will arise which states, you are now developer, this is what we are want to do.

Back out of all these setting menus until setting panel shown. Scroll down until you can see Developer Options.

You will observe different setting in this section, many of need to be ignored. Once enabled, you will want to scroll until you see section name Drawing.

From here there are three different animations that we will be working with:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

You can tap on each of them to change the scale. If you set larger number animation will be slower. That’s way we will deduce the lower number; the faster animations will be.

we cannot suggestion you to turn off animations entirely, but you can set them 1x down to 9.5x. Remember, same procure will be repeated for other three scales as well.

Once you complete your steps, all changes will take place immediately. if you want to restart your Galaxy S9, just do it.

Once your device back online, you will observe navigating around your smartphone mush faster then privious one.