Google Maps is amongst the most popular and relied on mapping/navigation services, nevertheless it’s not without its faults. Amongst the main issues is that it works finest with a strong details connection, something we do not continuously have outside the city. Thankfully, it’s possible to take Google Maps offline, nevertheless this fantastic function is rendered useless without some proactive treatments.

Preparing yourself to take that journey or acquire into a wild walking? Make sure to follow this tutorial so that you will be covered when off the grid.

How Google Maps offline gain access to works

You will need to download the area of interest prior to having the capability to make one of the most of Google Maps offline. This is precisely what we show when we specify things must be done “proactively”. The map area must be downloaded prior to leaving the security of your city’s strong connection.

Thankfully, the area you can download is rather huge (I can cache all San Diego and the LA area with a single download. Naturally, there is a massive amount of information when downloading practically 2 cities and whatever in between them. Be prepared to jeopardize great deals of storage location for your maps. These can consume to 1.5 GB, relying on the area. There is an approach to download this details to an SD card, nevertheless, which is a relief. Simply go to Menu > > > > Offline Locations > > > > Settings > > > > Storage Preferences and switch “Gizmo” to “SD card”.

It’s similarly important to bear in mind these maps end after 30 days. This is mainly due to that the world adjustments generally daily. Maps are dynamic and require updating. Precisely exactly what takes place when a new street is consisted of, or an old one is closed? Perhaps a new dining facility opened in the location. Google desires you to have in fact an updated variation of your maps when offline.

This was a bigger issue prior to automated map updates went into the computer game. Now it’s something you do not in fact need to think about. Merely go to the Offline Maps settings and activate automated updates. This will ensure your offline maps are constantly updated when ended. You can even choose to simply be updated when making use of WiFi, ensuring your important gigabytes do not go to waste.

Google Maps Lane Guidance Europe

Keep in mind that with Google Maps offline mode you will not get whatever Google Maps requires to utilize. Offline maps will unknown such as bike courses, walking directions, transit details (in addition to its detours) lane support and all those goodies that make Google Maps protrude.

Whatever else works as expected. You can look for addresses, find services and rapidly search to them. As we specified– just do not prepare for the full-fledged Google Maps experience.

Ways to keep offline maps

Without more ado, let’s expose you how the magic takes place.

  1. Open the Google Maps application.
  2. Discover the area or location you want to download.
  3. If you have in fact searched for a specific area, a bar with the name have to appear at the bottom. If not, just press and hold someplace in the map to make the location appear. Tap on it to reveal more options.
  4. Strike “Download”.
  5. You can now pinch-to-zoom in and out, making the download area larger or smaller sized.
  6. After making your option, struck the “Download” button in the lower-right corner.

When your maps are downloaded you can search and find directions as you would when online. Merely bear in mind not every function will exist, as we went over formerly.


Taking a quick journey offline, nevertheless do not need the entire area saved? Navigation works offline just by simply developing your course when you have a connection. Maps will instantly download the details you need to get to your area. This is completely independent of your by hand downloaded map places, as discussed today. When your course is established, Maps will hold the details a minimum of up till you reach your goal, or up till Maps is turned off on your device.

We would similarly encourage you to take a look at HERE WeGo, which is amongst the absolute best offline maps services we have in fact assessed. We praise Google for having probably the absolute best overall map quality and information tool in the world, nevertheless when it worries using our devices for offline navigation, Here WeGo is king.


Prepared to strike the street? Now you have actually the required tools to comprehend your approach off the grid, so go enjoy the benefits Google Maps has to utilize when offline!