In last few months, Google has just started rolling out ‘Messages for Website’ support to all Android OS users.
While iPhone users have long been able to use iMessages on iMac, Android owners are only right now getting similar feature. Actually, this latest tool allows user to send text messages from web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, so you don’t have to worry to keep your cellphone every time.
Over few years, Google has already launched various text messaging applications, but none of them proved popular among Android users. With Android Messages, which is default texting application on select Android smartphones, Google is providing rich communication services to compete with Apple iMessages feature.
If you want to text from your web browser, you have to download Android Message application form Google play store. before doing this, first make sure maybe its pre-installed on your android handset.
Open this application in your smartphone and set it as default SMS app.
Next, head over to your PC and access the following address in a browser: You will be greeted with a screen that has a QR code. From here follow these steps:

  1. Pick up your smartphone with Android Messages loaded
  2. Tap the three dot menu located in the top right and select ‘Messages for web’
  3. Tap Scan QR Code
  4. Scan the code with your phone.
if you are well aware about WhatsApp web support feature, the authentication process is not much complex for you.
Now you should be able to see a screen that lets you start new text with anyone in your smartphone contact book. you can sent text messages, as well as picture, stickers or emoji to anyone.
According to Google sources, all conversation contacts, threads and private settings are encrypted and cached on only your web browsers. But it does not mean you actual text conversation will be encrypted.

you should make sure, you don’t have to repeat same QR code, you can use “Remember this PC” function. you can find it in the setting menu in web version of Android messages.
Android Messages for Website works in multiple browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
One another thing to keep in mind. Like WhatsApp Web, Android Messages for Web can not work independently of your smartphone. So make sure to charge your handset if you plan on using the desktop messaging service.


Last but not least, Android Messages for Website has a “dark mode“. You can enable it from “Settings “in your browser. Just find the “Enable dark theme” option.