Pitman v1.5 – APK

You are Krumb, a dwarven pitman with the quest for mighty artifacts. On your journey through mysterious mines, swamps and dungeons you will encounter many dangerous enemies, from the malicious cave goblins to the enormous trolls. Drink from health fountains, open treasure chests, collect a wide range of food, weapons and magical items and use them wisely – to eventually stand your ground against the perils that await you!
Initially made for the “Seven Day Roguelike Challenge” the game got a complete overhaul. Pitman will let you die a thousand deaths … and make your survival especially satisfying!

  • RPG – create the hero you want, like a dwarven sorcerer or a powerful warrior turnbased – for a tactical course of action
  • 3D boardgame style – build the world while playing
  • randombased – no game will be like the one before

Last Update: July 1, 2013

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