A new side-scrolling hack-and-slasher, Earth Wars, has in fact presented for Android devices. Developed by Japanese studio One or 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and later on the Nintendo Modification, Earth Wars is now provided on the Google Play Store for $4.49

The plot setup is fairly standard post-apocalyptic sci-fi fare. It’s 2020 and the Earth has in fact been entered into by hostile aliens called the E.B.E. Mankind’s last hope is a group of increased soldiers kitted out with armor and weapons made from the organs of your challengers.

While there are RPG-lite elements for boosting your character and basic weapon crafting mechanics, Earth Wars is genuinely whatever about the action.

Gameplay boil down to slicing and shooting your approach through crowds of alien grunts and eliminating gradually huge supervisors.

If you have in fact presently taken pleasure in the trailer (noted below), you have in fact more than likely seen Earth Wars‘ other main selling point: the art-style. The striking 2.5 D visual looks fairly impressive for the a great deal of part, especially when having a look at the backgrounds and challenger design.

The character styles, nonetheless, are merely plain dreadful. They’re technically people with alien parts implanted onto their bodies, so I believe there’s a canonical aspect behind each character’s Frankenstein-like design, nevertheless precisely what’s the deal with those round anime heads that barely move an inch?

You can try Earth Wars by yourself through the button noted below. There are no in-app purchases either, so for $4.49 you’re getting the total experience.