Possibilities are if you have a clever gadget, you make use of WhatsApp. The social messaging app is amongst the most used in the world, nevertheless it absolutely has some troubles.

Amongst which is the default practices of securely insisting to download any piece of media that is sent to your device and save to your internal memory. This postures a couple of problems. The first being that this is an incredibly quick technique to unexplainably do not have storage location. The Second, and my private dissatisfaction is the sort of media that is typically sent to me in a range of the groups I stay in isn’t actually exactly something I want to be saved money on my phone, not to discuss dream to even see.

There’s an approach to turn it off.

Simply launch WhatsApp and struck the 3 dots in the leading right-hand corner. Go to Settings > > > > Info and storage usage. Head down to network usage and you’ll find some remarkable stats on exactly what does it cost? details has really been wasted downloading those random videos from your many chats.

To disable auto-downloading of media, tap “when using mobile details” under “media auto-download.” Analyze the kind of product you want to auto-download and switch off as needed. You can do the same for videos and audio files. If you do not prefer auto-download of images, even on WiFi, tap on the “when connected on WiFi” option, and repeat the same treatment.

You’ll still have the option of downloading the media when it is gotten nevertheless you’ll need to by hand tap the download button to see it.