Updating your Android can be an undesirable experience that requires a lot of determination, relying on the gizmo you own and the service provider you’re with.

Normally when a new variation of Android starts providing, it does not strike every gizmo at the specific very same time– it depends a lot on your location. The treatment can consume to a few weeks, nevertheless there are approaches to ensure you get the upgrade quicker.

The majority of users generally wait till they get an alert on their handset which signifies them the new upgrade is easily offered for download. You do not require to. Just make use of the “search for updates” button in Settings, which has really been simply recently updated to help you get the new software application a lot quicker.

Follow these actions to by hand Try to find Updates on your Android gizmo (a OnePlus 5T was used for the function of this tutorial):.

  1. Open the Settings app either utilizing the app icon or by tapping the gear-shaped settings button in the alert bar
  2. Scroll down all the technique down till you reach the System menu
  3. Tap on System Updates
  4. Tap on Search For Updates to see if you have something new

Numerous manufacturers do things in a various method, so for example, if you own a Samsung phone you’ll observe things are established a bit in a various method.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone
  2. Look for the dedicated Software application Update location and tap on it
  3. Tap on Download updates by hand to search for updates

It should have explaining that the efficiency of the “search for updates” button has really modified in present months. Now when you tap that button, the system will acknowledge this it’s a user-initiated treatment and if a new software application variation is easily offered, you’ll get it immediately.

In the past, the button didn’t do much to speed up things along, so some agitated users relied on sideloading the OTA updates.