Multi-window is an extremely advantageous function which allows you to open and make use of 2 Android apps at the specific very same time. It’s exceptional for multi-tasking and if you have a phone with a larger screen you should definitely attempt. Prior to anything you should guarantee your phone is running Android Nougat.

How can you utilize this helpful multi-window function on your Android gizmo? Continue reading noted below to find:.

1) Using multi-window when you have an app open

Ok, so let state you presently have Chrome open on your gizmo and you need quick access to your Gmail account. How do you open the Second app?

  • Long-press the square button (present apps) button to raise the list of apps that are presently running in the memory.
  • Long tap Gmail and area in the secondary app location (lower part of the screen).

2) Using multi-window directly from your house screen

In case you do not have an app open, here’s how you make use of the multi-window tool.

  • Tap the square button (present apps)
  • Tap and drag amongst the apps to the top of your screen
  • Choose the Second app you want to open
  • Long press on it to fill the Second part of the screen

Keep in mind: Multi-window run in landscape mode too:.

Care: Some apps reveal the message “the app does not support split screen” (for example, Instagram) so you will not have the capability to use them at the specific very same time with another app.

To return to finish screen mode, long tap on the square button (which has in fact been altered with 2 little rectangle-shaped shapes).