Zombie Infection Sony Ericsson

You are part of the “Inside the Action” team and while patrolling, you realize that a virus was released… that changes people into dangerous creatures…

Save New York from bloodthirsty zombies, as a military officer, a news reporter, and a hand-to-hand combat specialist.
Use all the awesome weapons at your disposal: Rocket launcher, Katana, Grenades, Laser Gun, Machine Gun and more to complete your assignments.
Kill hundreds of zombies and complete 36 missions to save the world and become a hero!

Save New York from a virus attack that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies.

Language:  English

Game For Sony Ericsson Mobiles:-

(128×128) K300i

(128×160) K510i

(176×220) K750i

(176×220) W660i,W810i

(240×320) K800i

(240×320) K850i

(240×320) W910i

(240×320) W960i